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You asked, we answered

What happened to your daily arrangements?

We're only offering a select amount of daily arrangements. We're focused on our Petal Pushers weddings and events! To send flowers, see here.


Do y'all offer workshops?

We do offer workshops! Our Drunk Gardening classes are currently on pause because of COVID. If you'd like to host a private workshop with your friends, drop us a line here!

Do you ship?

Unfortunately, we're not shipping our arrangements at this time! But stay tuned for something special!

Do you travel for weddings and events?

We're always down to travel! We're based out of DFW but are willing to travel anywhere!

What are your hours?

Our studio is by appointment only from 10am-6pm Monday - Saturday.

Do I get the pick the flowers?

We work with seasonal flowers to ensure all arrangements are fresh! For specific color palettes, please email us. For special ordered flowers, there will be an extra charge. We will try to cater towards specific flower requests but some flowers aren't in season and cannot be accommodated. 

  • YAY!

    You’ve got a new wrap by Petal Pushers! First, gently (remember that flowers are friends) remove all packaging from your flowers: paper, ribbon, twine, etc. 


    Give the stems a little cut and toss them in a vase with some fresh water. To extend the life of your flowers, don’t forget to change the water daily!


    Find the perfect place for your new friends. Make sure they are out of direct sunlight and check every now and then for any flowers that are wilting. 

  • ENJOY!

    Be sure to tag us @petalpushers on instagram!


2649 Main St. Suite 150 Dallas Texas 75226

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